AllKPlay Week 1: Current Kpop Playlist

Welcome to our first weekly section, AllKPlay, where we will recommend our current Kpop playlist, It will be updated weekly!

Its kinda hard for me to still love some songs after a long period of time. I might get bored over them but not this three. Please be noted that this is my personal opinion and feel free to recommend me songs that I should listen in the comments below!


You can call me monster for still addicted to this song. Yep, the trap music and its choreography makes me still tune up their performance videos once in a while.



Such a sad song could fit so well with such a beautiful choreography…..This ballad is even sadder after the whole mess of Hyunseung leaving.

3.Infinite-Hey Hello

As a devoted Inspirit, I am still thirsting for a comeback. But this appetizer for the That Summer Concert is also nice. It is a soothing melody with a soft-toned MV.

Extra credit for Myungsoo vocal ability and Hoya fake smile and Woolim Boys behind.

4.Woohyun-Everyday ( Dream Concert live)

Can you feel me now keuldae……THIS SONG IS NOT AVAILABLE IN ITUNES!

Sadly it was a hidden track on Woohyun’s solo album”Write..”. That means you can only listen to it on Youtube or Vapp(recommended) . The live version add spice to it with total fanservice and Inspirit’s daebak cheering!

What’s your playlist?  Share below.